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Tycho Station is the largest mobile construction platform in the solar system, and the Belt headquarters of Tycho Manufacturing and Engineering Concern and, covertly, the Outer Planets Alliance. It also has field offices for several major companies who do work for or purchase frequently from Tycho Manufacturing.

Tycho Station is a massive ring station built around a sphere half a kilometer across, with more than sixty-five million cubic meters of manufacturing and storage space inside. The two counter-rotating habitation rings that circle the sphere has enough space for fifteen thousand workers and their families. The top of the manufacturing sphere is festooned with half a dozen massive construction waldoes that look like they could rip a heavy freighter in half. The bottom of the sphere has a bulbous projection fifty meters across, which houses a capital-ship-class fusion reactor and drive system, making Tycho Station the largest mobile construction platform in the solar system. Each compartment within the massive rings was built on a swivel system that allows the chambers to reorient to thrust gravity when the rings stop spinning and the station flies to its next work location.

Tycho Manufacturing makes regular campaign contributions to Earth and Mars politicians. If anyone were to attack the station, half of the United Nations assembly and all the Martian Congress would be howling for blood making Tycho Station one of the safest place in the Belt.

Tycho is currently in orbit near Ceres.