Jumpspace Wiki

There are three races of men – Earthers (from Earth), Dusters (from Mars), and Belters (born and raised on asteroids or dwarf planets).

  • Earthers – No modifiers. Born in Standard Gravity. Starts with Language(English)-1.
  • Dusters – +1 to EDU and -1 to STR at char gen. Born in Low-G. Starts with Language(English)-1.
  • Belters – +1 to DEX and -1 to STR at char gen. Born in Zero-G. Starts with Language(Belter Creole)-1 and Language(English)-0. Belters may not attend a Military Academy and receive a DM-2 to attend University.

There is a race of wolf-like men known as the Vargr who are made from wolf and human DNA spliced together and genetically engineered. The first of this species was found on board the Discovery ship.

There is also a totally alien species known as the Set'Awa, first encountered in a drifting ship around Proxima Centauri by the crew of the Alderson Endeavor.