Jumpspace Wiki

At character creation time Roll an extra 2D6 and record one of your rolls as your character’s Luck Attribute.

Before each game session a character is awarded his LUCK DM in bennies plus one. A character with LUCK 9 (DM+1) would get 2 bennies while a character with LUCK 4 (DM-1) would get none.

Benny’s may be used to...

  • re-roll a single skill test
  • add a Boon Die to any roll he is about to make
  • add a Bane Die to any opponent’s roll
  • add a DM+1 to any roll (even if he has already made it)
  • take another Minor Action during a combat round (remember 2 Minor Actions = a Significant Action; so paying a benny could allow for 4 Minors, 1 Significant & 2 Minors, or 2 Significant Actions)
  • Make a Soak roll using END (8+) to negate 4 points of damage for every point of Effect.