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John Reikerk was a young private in the 56th Virginia under Garnett in Pickett's division. He was severely wounded along with his friend Joshua Pike at the battle of Gettysburg. During the night following the battle he, Pike, and many others were picked up by a Set'Awa slaver and transported off world. Their injuries were repaired and the group was sold to a Set'Awa noble from Ayr'Ka II where John eventually became a communications officer.

John and Joshua were assigned to different ships but kept in touch over the years via secret X-Boat communication. They're friendship however was known and when Pike lead a mutiny on board the Ship Kah'Les John suffered reprisals though nothing was ever found directly involving him in any plot. John was sold to another Set'Awa noble and placed aboard the ARK vessel Ram'Mah headed for Proxima Centuari. The vessel was never heard from again and all on board were presumed lost.

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