Jumpspace Wiki

There are no artificial gravity generators, grav plates, or inertia dampeners as in many other games. Gravity and inertia are treated as hard science. The only two ways to simulate gravity in space is by acceleration or spin.

Gravity in game terms are lumped into four main categories…

  • High G – 1.4G and up (only gas giants in our solar system)
  • Normal G – 0.8G to 1.3G (Earth, Venus)
  • Low-G – 0.3G to 0.7G (Mars)
  • Zero-G – 0 to 0.3G (Asteroids, Dwarf Planets)

Note, that humans may be able to survive in gravity wells of 2G or 3G but it is very uncomfortable over long periods and no human colonies will exist where gravity is greater than 1.5G.

When in gravity different than from where you are originally from you suffer DM-1 to all DEX based rolls for each level different from your “birth gravity”. Things like magnetic boots, Powered Armor, Battle-Dress, Walkers, and stuff can mitigate the DM by 1. Thus, a player from Earth shooting a weapon in Low-G would normally make the shot at DM-1 (DM-2 if in Zero-G). Wearing magnetic boots to steady himself would negate the negative DM in Low-G and reduce it to DM-1 in Zero-G. Likewise, a Belter used to Zero-G would have no ill effects firing his weapon while floating in space but would suffer a DM-2 if he was trying to use his weapon while on Earth. The Athletics (Dexterity) check must still be made even by Belters when firing a ranged weapon without the Zero-G trait while in Zero Gravity. But Belters make the check with no negative modifier while Dusters make the attempt at DM-1 and Earthers at DM-2.