Jumpspace Wiki

- everyone wrapped up the things they were doing on Mars or Aries Station

- the ship left Aries and headed to the general location of the Alderson Point

- they took sensor readings and did astrogation calculations to find the exact position of the Alderson Point

- the Alderson Jump Drive started powering up successfully

- a 50,000 tonne ship (the size of of a naval cruiser) with stealth technology was able to close to within Long Range and fired 80 RAD missiles towards the Endeavor

- the captain (Raven running Jeremy) made the decision to go against company orders and engage the jump drive

- nothing happened. doh!

- Buzzy (Hans running) was able to use Mechanic to find an intentionally shorted circuit and fix it rapidly

- the Jump drive engaged and everyone was instantly transported to Proxima Centauri

- everyone had an extreme version of motion sickness. most recovered after a few minutes with no side effects.

- Nate started picking up fragments of peoples' thoughts.

- Charles started hearing voices in his head from multiple people at once.

- And Buzzy accidentially started making things move with his mind.

- Those three have developed a form of Psionics. Nate has a score of 6 in Telepathy, Charles has a 7 in Clairvoyance, and Buzzy has a 12 !! in Telekensis.

- They crew explored the new stellar system. Proxima is a Red Dwarf and the entire system with all it's planets would easily fit inside the orbit of Earth around Sol.

- only one moon looked interesting with some strange markings on the surface though it was a lifeless rock

- the crew detected a large ship in an elongated orbit tumbling around Proxima. they moved in to investigate.

- the ship was a giant cylinder 1,000,000 tonnes in mass, 3 kilometers long, and about 3/4 of a kilometer in diameter.

- Mark, Raven, Nate, and Hans boarded the ship. Raven was able to decipher a lot of the markings and writing using her linguistics skill, electronics(comp) skill, and the database for the "Galactic" language that she was given from things found on the "Discovery" ship.

- the crew found the cryogenic pods of many frozen aliens that looked like large walking shrimps. And Raven started downloading the ship’s entire database onto her data pad. (Which by the way, the database references 50,000 Set’Awa in cryogenic sleep.)

- after exploring for a while longer Raven attempted to turn on a panel in the Life Support room. a countdown started with a code request. she attempted to start running away. doors opened and two mechanical spider looking robots came out and started moving towards her.