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Astrogation is basically navigation in space. It involves plotting vectors (course and speed) to travel between points in space.

Tools for the Astrogator[]

The Solar System

Space Travel Calculator

Distance Between Two Stars

A Map of known space and some o the Jump Tunnels connected by Alderson Points was discovered in a database retrieved by Raven on-board a Set'Awa ARK ship. Note that the newly discovered "small" Jump Tunnel between Sol and Proxima Centauri was not shown and must be recently formed. The tunnel that the Alderson Explorer went through appears to be the Sol-Croshaw tunnel which the database says was heavily mined during the Slave Rebellion of (1885 Sol Standard Time). Also note, the database shows that small tunnels may only accommodate vessels up to 1000T while medium tunnels can support up to 10,000T and large tunnels may support up to any known vessel size.

Dwarf Planets[]


Nearby Stars[]