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Anderson Station was a resupply station for Anderson-Hyosung Cooperative Industries Group at the far end of the colonized Belt, almost at the opposite side from the major port Ceres, with a population of over ten thousand.

When the station's Coalition administrator, Gustav Marconi, implemented a 3% surcharge on supply transfers, an insurgence led by (among others) Marama Brown took control of the station. Although they surrendered, the OPCOM still ordered the Coalition Marine Corps force led by Colonel Fred Johnson to retake the station by force, killing 173 insurgents and over a thousand civilians as a deterrent against future terrorist actions. Surveillance cameras captured the entire ordeal, broadcasting the three days of slaughter.

Colonel Johnson was awarded the Medal of Honor, the highest honor in the Marine Corps, but in the Belt he became infamous as "The Butcher of Anderson Station". Not able to come to terms with his actions, Johnson resigned and publicly apologized for the tragedy. He later defected to the OPA and became their spokesperson.

Anderson Station has recently been re-opened for business by Anderson-Hyosung Cooperative.