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The Alderson Drive is a form of Jump Drive like in regular Traveller games except that it can only perform a jump when it is at a particular point of synchronicity within a system with another nearby stellar system. At such points gravity wells are in balance and it is possible for the drive to instantaneously fold space between the two points and allow the ship to pass through. These points of synchronicity are being referred to as an Alderson Point. Typically, jumps can range between 3 to 9 light years and is dependant on an Alderson Point forming based on all massive gravity wells in the area.

The Jump Drive ratings on ships in this setting just refers to fuel efficiency. Fuel consumed during a jump is calculated as...

Ship's Tonnage / (2 * Jump Rating)

So a 200T Scout's fuel consumption would be...

  • 100T : Jump-1
  • 50T : Jump-2
  • 33T : Jump-3
  • 25T : Jump-4
  • 20T : Jump-5
  • 17T : Jump-6
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