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The Alderson Corp is a subsidiary of The Diverse Group and specializes in Epstein Drive and Fusion Power Plant construction. They have been selected to develop the first Jump Drive based on technology found at the crashed "Discovery" ship.


Corporate Ships[]

Donosev Scout Ships:[]

• Alderson Euphrates

• Alderson Explorer – missing

• Alderson Encounter

• Alderson Endeavour – the players’ ship

Astral Explorer Cargo Ships:[]

• Alderson Endymion

• Alderson Encounter

• Alderson Enchantress

• Alderson Emperor

• Alderson Eagle

• Alderson Europa

• Alderson Excellent

Tachi Class Corvette Security Ships:[]

• Alderson Excalibur

• Alderson Exeter

• Aldreson Enterprise

Basic Pay Scale[]

• Captain: Cr2000 + Cr1000/Leadership skill

• Pilot: Cr1500 + Cr500/Pilot skill

• Ship’s Physician: Cr1500 + Cr500/Medic skill

• Astrogator, Comms, Sensor, Gunner, Security: Cr1000 + Cr500/applicable skill

• People with multiple jobs make 75% of each position